Alispo International

Surgical Instruments
Manufacturer in Sialkot, Pakistan
Since 2003.

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a leading Surgical Instruments Manufacturer & Supplier from Sialkot, Pakistan

Surgical instruments manufacturers in Sialkot, Pakistan

We do, Complete surgical supplies manufacturing from developing to packing is done in-house in a controlled, certified, and monitored management & production system.

Alispo International is the largest, most trusted manufacturer & supplier of medical supplies and healthcare products from Sialkot, Pakistan

About us

Alispo International is a customer-driven company that manufactures the highest quality surgical instruments, & supplies at cost-effective pricing.

We are a Pakistan-based surgical instruments manufacturer in Sialkot, Pakistan. We supply a complete range of the finest surgical instruments.

We deal with all medical specialties including Surgical, Dental, Beauty, Orthopedic, Ophthalmic, Endoscopy, Laparoscopic, and Veterinary instruments for over 20 years.

Our surgical instruments are manufactured from high-quality stainless steel to achieve the needed sharpness and longevity and are designed for comfy handling with minimal exhaustion. Grips are specially crafted for easy rotation, finer control, and greater preciseness.

Complete manufacturing from developing to packing is done in-house in a controlled, certified, and monitored management & production system.

Quality is never compromised and we retain the quality-keeping factor in our core importance. Our quality control crew and procurement procedures ensure the best available stainless steel that is properly developed and processed, eventually producing the finest end surgical product.

The company leverages its Cooperative experiences to stay up to date with the most delinquent technologies and directions in the medical instruments manufacturing industry. We always try to enhance our production and management systems in order to ensure competitiveness with the market.

The sole purpose of our company is to bring innovative solutions by continually working on our quality, to provide you with the most accurate and cost-effective products in the surgical field. When it comes to innovation and ensuring quality standards, there is no comparison to the work of Alispo International.

You’ll see reasons to purchase instruments, once you try us.

For 20 years Alispo has been producing high-quality healthcare instruments for Medical Industry

We are determined to deliver the medical industry with high-quality, cost-effective instruments.
Asad Raza

We are manufacturing the finest quality stainless steel Dental, Surgical & other Hospital Supplies instruments for our Valuable clients whom with we have had Great Business relationships for many Years. “We Believe to do business with Few but Loyal customers”.

Director Alispo International, Syed Asad Raza

Most Frequent Questions and Answers

What exactly is Alispo international?

Alispo International is a Pakistan-established all sorts of medical tools manufacturing firm. We equip 10000+ various tools communed to the medical industry. 

Where are your surgical instruments manufactured?

All of our surgical tools are manufactured in our manufacturing factory in Sialkot, Pakistan. Guests are not allowed without an appointment & masks. Covid-19 SOP,s should strictly be obeyed.

Can customers visit your manufacturing premises?

We do have a facility to place factory tours on ultimatum for our esteemed clients. It enables our customers to notice the amount of work, effort, and accuracy we put in to manufacture the tools.

Where is Alispo international located?

We work from our manufacturing facility in Sialkot, Pakistan. Our address is "Muslim masjid street, roras road, Muzaffarpur, Sialkot 51310, Pakistan.

How does your company policy addresses ethical trade?

Ethical Trade is very important to us. We instruct our workers in a secure, interactive, and efficient backdrop in directive to have professional craftsmen.

Are Alispo International products CE marked?

Yes, all the Medical Instruments manufactured at Alispo International are CE marked and are in accord with Device Directive 93/42/EEC.

Are Alispo International products traceable?

It depends on the buyer if they want their own logo on the instruments, They are marked with the client trademark logo. Otherwise, our regular logo will be marked on the instruments.

How are your instruments inspected?

They go through optical checks by using calibrated measuring tools, performance matrix evaluation, and complete procurement before going to the client.

What material is used to manufacture the instruments at Alispo?

In conformity with ISO 7153-1, all surgical tools are produced utilizing the best stainless steel. We also provide material credentials on demand. 

Can we get samples?

Your sample inquiries are welcome. Please submit your query to get a sample instrument for quality evaluation objectives. It's our sole choice to send samples free or paid.

What is your production timeframe?

It depends on the order quantity & instrument types. We provide an estimated production time frame for every client in the billing invoice. The production time frame may slightly rise.

How to make a payment?

Clients who want to purchase a few items (small orders) can pay us via western union. Regular clients can pay us via bank transfer directly to our company account.