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Breast Reduction Surgical Instrument Set

Alispo International produces Breast Reduction Surgical Instrument Sets. These standard sets contain the instruments most generally operated for the designated procedure. More instruments may be needed for your respective use.

Instrument Set Contents

2Foerster Sponge ForcepsSerrated9 1/2″
6Towel ClampsBackhaus4 1/2″
2Scalpel Handles#3…..
1Scalpel Handle#4…..
1Mayo Dissecting ScissorCurved6 3/4″
1Metzenbaum Dissecting ScissorCurved7″
1Operating ScissorStraight Sharp/Blunt5 1/2″
1Toennis ScissorCurved7″
2Gillies Forceps1×2 Teeth Serrated6″
2Tissue Forceps1×2 Teeth7″
6Halsted Mosquito ForcepsCurved5″
2Crile ForcepsStraight6 1/4″
4Baby Mixter ScissorsCurved Partial Serrations7″
2Overholt ForcepsMedium Jaw8 1/4″
2Mayo HegarNeedle Holders7″
2Crile Wood Needle HoldersNarrow Jaws6″
4Allis Tissue Forceps4×5 Teeth6″
2Lahey Traction Forceps…..8″
1Farabeuf RetractorDouble End6″
2Tracheal RetractorsSharp Two Prong6 1/2″
2Volkman RetractorsFour Prong Blunt8 1/2″
2Sims RetractorsLarge Blade1 1/2″ x 3 1/2″
2Weitlaner Self Retaining RetractorsBlunt 2×3 Teeth4 1/2″
4Emesis Basins26 oz9 7/8″ x 4 1/2″ x 2 1/8″
4Iodine Cups6 oz3 7/16″ x 2″

Contact our Alispo International sales representative for customizations and pricing of this set.