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Alispo International

Composition Of Prostate Surgery Set

Alispo International produces Composition Of Prostate Surgery Sets. These standard sets contain the instruments most generally operated for the designated procedure. More instruments may be needed for your respective use.

Instrument Set Contents

Quantity Name Description Size
1 Beak Cup Stainless Steel Din. 165 ml
1 Beak Cup Inex Dia. 120mm 500 ml
1 Bowl Stainless Steel 40cm x 20cm x 9cm
1 Metzembaum Scissor Curved 20cm
1 Metzembaum Scissor Curved 22cm
1 Blunt Scissor Straight 16cm
1 Farabeuf Retractor The Pair 15cm x 16mm
1 Judd Masson Ear Piece With Median Valve …..
1 Malleable Blade ….. 33cm x 50cm x 25cm
6 Kocher Forceps Straight With Claws 14cm
1 Dressing Forcep Ionguette Straight 24cm
2 Allis Forceps ….. 15cm
6 Drape Forceps ….. 14cm
2 Chaput Forceps ….. 13cm
1 Jean Louis Faure Forceps Curved With Claws 22cm
6 Leriche Pliers Straight With Claws 15cm
6 Leriche Forceps Curved With Claws 15cm
1 Dissecting Forceps With Claws 20cm
1 Dissecting Forceps With Claws /Fine 20cm
1 Heart Clip ….. 16cm
2 Mayo Heger Needle Holder ….. 20cm
5 Mayo Heger Needle Holder ….. 16cm
1 Mayo Heger Needle Holder Straight 18cm

Contact our Alispo International sales representative for customizations and pricing of this set.



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