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Most frequent questions and answers

Alispo International is a Pakistan-established all sorts of medical tools manufacturing firm. We produce 10000+ various tools communed to the medical industry. 

We work from our manufacturing facility in Sialkot, Pakistan. Our address is “Muslim masjid street, roras road, Muzaffarpur, Sialkot 51310, Pakistan.

All of our surgical tools are manufactured in our manufacturing unit/factory in Sialkot, Pakistan. Guests are allowed with an appointment.

Yes, we instruct our workers in a secure, interactive, and efficient backdrop in directive to have professional craftsmen, yet manufacturing the best quality end product.

We do have a facility to place factory tours on ultimatum for our esteemed clients. It enables our customers to notice the amount of work, effort, and accuracy we put in to manufacture the tools.

Your sample inquiries are welcome. Please submit your request to get a sample instrument for quality evaluation objectives. Please enquire about your instruments by letting us know.

Yes, all the surgical tools manufactured at Alispo International are CE/ISO marked as per client branding.

It depends on the order quantity & instrument types. We provide a production time frame for each order in the billing invoice.

No, our surgical instruments are not laser marked with our company information. They are marked with or without the client’s brand name and all the information necessary for tracing according to their demand.

The instruments manufactured at Alispo International go through a strict procedure of review. They go through optical checks by using calibrated measuring tools, performance matrix evaluation, and complete procurement before going to the client.

In conformity with ISO/CE requirements, all surgical instruments are produced utilizing the best stainless steel. We also provide material credentials on demand to our clients.

Clients who want to purchase a few items (small orders) can pay us via western union. Regular clients can pay us via bank transfer directly to our company account.