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Dermal Instrument Set Basic

Alispo International produces Dermal Instrument Sets Basic. These standard sets contain the instruments most generally operated for the designated procedure. More instruments may be needed for your respective use.

Instrument Set Contents

1Shamberg ComedoneExtractor…..
1Unna ComedoneExtractor5 3/4″
1Lister Bandage Scissor…..4 1/2″
1Lister Bandage Scissor…..5 1/2″
1Mayo Dissecting ScissorStraight5 1/2″
1Mayo Dissecting ScissorCurved5 1/2″
1Hartmann Mosquito ForcepStraight3 1/2″
1Hartmann Mosquito ForcepCurved3 1/2″
1Halsted Mosquito ForcepStraight5″
1Halsted Mosquito ForcepCurved5″
1Dressing ForcepSerrated5 1/2″
1Tissue Forcep1×2 Teeth5 1/2″
1Splinter Forcep…..3 1/2″
1Splinter Forcep…..4 1/2″
1Webster Needle HolderDelicate Smooth Oth5″
1Webster Needle HolderDelicate Serrated5″
1Derf Needle HolderSerrated4 3/4″
1Halsey Needle HolderSmooth Oth5″
1Halsey Needle HolderSerrated5″
1Olsen Hegar Needle Holder…..4 3/4″
1Olsen Hegar Needle Holder…..5 1/4″
1Probe w/Eye…..4 1/2″
1Probe w/Eye…..5 1/2″
1Allis Tissue Forcep3 x 4 Teeth6″
1Allis Tissue Forcep5 x 6 Teeth7 1/2″
1Iris ScissorStraight4 1/2″
1Iris ScissorCurved4 1/2″
1Iris ScissorDelicate Straight4 1/8″
1Iris ScissorDelicate Curved4 1/8″
1Metzenbaum ScissorCurved5 3/4″
1Adson Tissue Forcep1×2 Teeth Delicate4 3/4″
1Adson Dressing ForcepDelicate Serrated4 3/4″
1Backhaus Towel Clamp…..3 1/2″
1Backhaus Towel Clamp…..5 1/4″
1Adson Tissue Forcep1×2 Teeth4 3/4″
1Adson Dressing ForcepSerrated4 3/4″
1Stevens Tenotomy ScissorStraight4 1/2″
1Stevens Tenotomy ScissorCurved4 1/2″
1Buck CuretteAngled Sharp #2…..
1Buck CuretteStraight Sharp #2…..
1Ballenger Sponge ForcepStraight Smooth Oth7″
1Ballenger Sponge ForcepCurved Serrated7″
1Metzenbaum ScissorStraight5 3/4″

Contact our Alispo International sales representative for customizations and pricing of this set.