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Open Heart Surgical Instrument Set

Alispo International produces Open Heart Surgical Instrument Sets. These standard sets contain the instruments most generally operated for the designated procedure. More instruments may be needed for your respective use.

Instrument Set Contents

2Scalpel Handles#4…..
1Scalpel Handle#7…..
2Scalpel HandlesW/metric Scale #3…..
1Scalpel Handle#3L…..
1Lister Bandage Scissor…..7 1/4″
1Mayo Dissecting ScissorCurved Tc9″
2Metz Stand ScissorCurved Tc7″
2Metz Stand NelsonCurved Tc9″
2Metz Stand NelsonCurved11″
1Mayo-Stil Dissecting ScissorBlade Tc6 3/4″
1Potts Smith Scissor45 Angled7 1/4″
2Halsted Mosquito ForcepsStraight5″
6Roch Pean ForcepsCurved8″
2Roch Ochsner ForcepsCurved 1×28″
10Roch Ochsner ForcepsStraight 1×28″
18Crile ForcepsCurved5 1/2″
18Halsted Mosquito ForcepsCurved5″
8Roch Pean ForcepsCurved6 1/4″
2Babcock Forceps…..8″
6Allis Tissue Forceps4×56″
18Hoff Towel Clamps…..4″
18Hoff Towel Clamps…..6 1/4″
6Mosquito ForcepsDelicate Curved Serrated7″
8Roberts ForcepsCurved Serrated9 3/4″
2Kantrowitz Thoracic Clamps…..7 1/2″
2Gemini ClampsDelicate Angled5″
2Gemini ClampsDelicate Angled8″
2Gemini ClampsDelicate Angled9″
2Gemini ClampsDelicate Angled6 1/4″
4Foerster SpongeSerrated Straight9 1/2″
2Foerster SpongeSerrated Curved9 1/2″
2Debakey Patent DuctPediatric6 1/4″
1Debakey ForcepAngled Pediatric6″
1Debakey Pat DuctPediatric Angled Shift6″
1Subramanian Mini Aortic…..5 1/2″
2Coarctation ClampsDeBakey Straight8 3/4″
2Glover ForcepsCurved8 3/4″
4Debakey Atr Periph Vsl ForcepsAngled7″
2Debakey At PeriphFull Curved6″
2Debakey At Multi-Purpose60d8″
2Debakey At Multi-Purpose60d9 1/2″
1Debakey Derra Atr Forcep6.25Small
1Debakey Derra Atr Forcep6.75Medium
1Debakey Derra Atr ForcepLarge7″
1Diethrich Aorta Clamp…..8 1/4″
1Renal Artery Clamp…..7 1/2″
1Renal Artery Clamp…..7 1/4″
1Renal Artery Clamp…..10 3/4″
4Dressing ForcepsSerrated5″
2Dressing ForcepsSerrated8″
2Semkin Tissue ForcepsNar 1×25″
2Adson Tissue Forceps1×24 3/4″
2Debakey Atra Forceps1.5mm6 1/4″
2Debakey Atra Forceps2mm7 3/4″
2Debakey Atra ForcepsStraight 2mm9 1/2″
2Jacobs ForcepsBlunt7 1/4″
1Retractor Set/2Delicate8 1/4″
2Kelly Retractors…..9″ x 1 1/2″ x 2″
1Kelly Retractor…..9.5″ x 2″ x 2.5″
1Kelly Retractor…..10″ x 2.5″ x 3″
2Deaver#0003/4″ x 7″
2Deaver#11″ x 12″
3Deaver#21 x 13″
2Zalkind Ribbon Retractors…..3/4″ x 7.75″
2Zalkind Ribbon Retractors…..1″ x 13″
1Zalkind Ribbon Retractor…..1 1/2″ x 13″
2Volkman Ring HandlesBlunt 3pr8 1/2″
2Volkman Ring HandlesSharp 3pr8 1/2″
2Senn RetractorsDelicate Sharp6″
2Gelpi Retractors…..7″
3Crile Wood Needle HoldersSerrated Tc7″
3Crile Wood Needle HoldersSerrated Tc8″
2Ryder Needle HoldersSerrated Tc9″
1Yankauer Suction TubeStainless…..
2Yankauer Suction TubePediatric…..
1Yankauer Suction TubePediatric…..
1Frazier Suction Tube6fr…..
1Se Wire Cut ScissorSerrated Angle Tc…..
1Sternal Wire TwisterTc7″
1Doyen Rib Rasp/ElevatorRight6 1/2″
1Doyen Rib Rasp/ElevatorLeft6 1/2″
1Matson Rib Stripr/Elevator…..8 3/4″
1Semb Raspatory…..8″
1Alexander Raspatory…..8″
1Nelson Modifyof Bethune Shear…..
1Stille-Luer Bone RongeurStraight8 1/2″
1Stille-Luer Bone RongeurCurved8 1/2″
1Davdsn Scapula RetractorLarge3 “x 3 1/2”
1Bailey GibbonsRib Contractor…..
1Burford FinochiettoRib Spread…..
1Tuffier Rib SpreaderSmall4 1/2″
5Instrument Trays…..16 1/2″ x  10″ x 4″
5Trays CoverFor 10-1748, 10-1749…..

Contact our Alispo International sales representative for customizations and pricing of this set.