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Lap Cholecystectomy Instrument Set

Alispo International produces Lap Cholecystectomy Instrument Sets. These standard sets contain the instruments most generally operated for the designated procedure. More instruments may be needed for your respective use.

Instrument Set Contents

15000 Mixter Forcep33cm10mm
15000 Claw Forcep33cm10mm
15000 Spoon Forcep33cm10mm
15000 Micro ScissorCurved 33cm5mm
15000 Maxi Grasp Forcep33cm5mm
15000 SpatulaElectrode Suction…..
15000 Suction ControlW/Single Trump…..
15000 L-Hook Elect Suction…..5mm
15000 High VolumeSuction/Irr Syst…..
15000 NeedleFor Injec/Irrg Ll…..
15000 Std Grasp Forcep33cm5mm
15000 Wave Grasp Forcep33cm5mm
15000 Dolph ForcepW/Spn 33cm5mm
15000 Maryland Dissecting33cm5mm
15000 Mixter Forcep33cm5mm
15000 Hook Scissor33cm5mm
15000 Metz ScissorCurved 33cm5mm
15000 Metz ScissorStraight 33cm5mm

Sterilization Containers

Quantity Name Description Size
1 Alispo Container Full 8″
1 Alispo Wire Basket Full 4″
1 Alispo Laparoscopic Rack …..
1 Alispo Mat Blue ….. 20.5″ x 9″
1 Alispo Paper Filters 100/Pk …..

Contact our Alispo International sales representative for customizations and pricing of this set.