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Alispo International

Composition Crane Box Surgical Set

Alispo International produces Composition Crane Box Surgical Sets. These standard sets contain the instruments most generally operated for the designated procedure. More instruments may be needed for your respective use.

Instrument Set Contents

Quantity Name Description Size
1 Beak Cup Stainless Steel Dia. 80mm 165ml
1  Bolt Stainless Steel 50cm x 20cm x 12cm
1 Mac Kenzie Staples Silver /Tube of 100 …..
2 Reverdin Needle Medium/Very Curved 20cm
2 Pear Chisel Round Head 16cm x 2mm
1 Dolphin Scissor Straight 14cm
1 Mayo Scissor Straight 14cm
1 Mayo Scissor Curved 14cm
1 Metzembaum Scissor Curved 14cm
1 Mounse Scissor Straight 14cm
1 Debakey Scissor Elbows 45 18cm
1 Adson Hook Pointed 20cm
1 Schmieden Scissor Conne Couds 17cm
2 Hammer Driver ….. 33cm
2 Frazier Cannula ….. 18cm x 2cm
2 Frazier Cannula ….. 18cm x 3cm
1 Curette Back Wheat Clovis Vincent 3/4 own 20cm
1 Clovis Vincers Double Curette 5/6 own 20cm
1 Clovis Vincers Double Curette Angled 20cm
1 Clovis Vincers Double Curette 9/10 own 20cm
1 Scalpel Handle #4 …..
1 Trillat Explorer ….. 24cm
1 Frazier Dura Lifter ….. 17cm
1 Farabeuf Retractor The Pair 15cm x 16cm
1 Adson Elevator ….. 17cm
2 Instrument Pin ….. 12cm
1 Collin Mallet Dia. 34mm /200g 20cm
2 Heads Stainless Steel …..
14 Kocher Forceps Straight With Claws 14cm
4 Rochester Pean Kocher Forceps Straight With Claws 14cm
8 Rochester Pean Kocher Forceps Curved With Claws 20cm
4 Crab Field Forceps ….. 9cm
6 Halstead Forceps Curved Without Claws 13cm
2 Drape Forceps Backhaus 9cm
2 Drape Forceps Backhaus 12cm
12 Leriche Pliers Curved Without Claws 15cm
2 Michel Pliers For Removing Staples 14cm
1 Michel Pliers For Installing Staples 15cm
6 Pean Murphy Forceps ….. 14cm
2 Dissection Forceps With Claws 13cm
1 Dissection Forceps Without Claws/Fine/Pointed 18cm
2 Crile Wood Needle Holders ….. 15cm
1 Collin Duval Dissecting Forceps Triangular 20cm
1 Ruskin Rongeur Double Joint/Jaws 5mm/Curve 18cm
1 Staple Holder From Mc Kenzie …..
1 Mac Kenzie Pliers For Stapling 15cm
1 Hudson Hand Punch 5 Cutters/1 Extension …..
1 Aubigne Blackbird Raspatory Curved 23cm x 12mm
1 Fluted Probe ….. 14cm
1 Olive Style Double 14cm
1 Gigli Saw Tens 50cm
1 Handle For Gigli Saw The Pair …..
1 Danis Spoon Spatula ….. 24cm
2 Reverdin Needles Medium/Very Curved 20cm
3 Reverdin Needles Slightly Curved 19.5cm
4 Reverdin Needles Curved 19.5cm
1 Reverdin Needles Curved 20cm

Contact our Alispo International sales representative for customizations and pricing of this set.



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