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Ankle Surgical Instrument Set

Alispo International produces Ankle Surgical Instrument Sets. These standard sets contain the instruments most generally operated for the designated procedure. More instruments may be needed for your respective use.

Instrument Set Contents

Quantity Name Description Size
1 Box Stainless Steel 35cm x 15cm x 8cm
1 Steel Ruler ….. 30cm
1 Dean’s Mallet 200/Gr/Head …..
1 Strip Cutting Pliers Single Curved Joint 19cm
1 Ruskin Gouge Pliers Double Curved Joint 18cm x 5mm
1 Retractor Weitlaner 17cm
1 Farabeuf Retractor Pair 12cm
1 Wolkmann Retractor Pointed/Claws 3 …..
1 Wolkmann Retractor Pointed/Claws 4 …..
1 Fine Foam Retractor 2 Claws/Tracheal 16cm
1 Fine Foam Retractor 3 Claws/Tracheal 16m
1 Stille Chisel ….. 20cm x 10mm
1 Stille Chisel ….. 20cm x 15mm
1 Farabeuf Rugine Straight 15cm x 8mm
1 Farabeuf Rugine Curved 15cm x 8mm
1 Bone Curette Wolkmann 17cm x 6mm
1 Stripe Cutting Pliers Single Straight Joint 19cm
1 Reverdin Needle Curved 20cm
1 Scalpal Handle #3 …..
1 Scalpal Handle #4 …..
2 Redon Alenes Curved Diameter 3mm ch 9
1 Dissection Forceps Pliers A/G 18cm
1 Dissection Forceps S/G 16cn
1 Dissection Forceps S/G 18cm
1 Dissection Forceps Fine A/G 16cm
1 Semkin Dissection Forceps Fine A/G 12cm
1 Metzenbaun Scissors Pair Of Curved 18cm
1 Mayo Scissors Pair Of Straight 16cm
1 Mayo Scissors Pair Of Curved 16cm
1 Forceps In Heart 16cm
1 Rochester Pean Forceps Straight S/G 20cm
2 Mayo Hegar Needle Holders 16cm
2 Rochester Pean Forceps Straight S/G 16cm
3 Halstead Forceps Curved S/G 13cm
2 Micro Halstead Forceps Curved S/G 10cm
2 Pean Forceps ….. 14cm
2 Kocher Forceps Straight A/G 14cm
2 Forceps Terrier 13cm
2 Forceps Ombredanne 13cm
4 Clamp Forceps Backhauss 12cm
2 Cups Diameter 100mm …..
1 Dressing Forceps Length 24cm

Contact our Alispo International sales representative for customizations and pricing of this set.