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Alispo International

Alispo International

Surgical Instruments
Manufacturer & Supplier

We are committed to producing & supplying surgical supplies companies with high-quality and cost-effective surgery instruments.

Alispo International is the largest, most trusted manufacturer & supplier of Surgical and dental Instruments from Sialkot, Pakistan

Surgical Instruments Manufacturer and Supplier Since 2003

Our 20 years of experience are the key to our high-quality surgery instruments. For two decades, Alispo International continue in producing high-quality Pakistan Made Surgical Instruments and keep customer satisfaction.

We understand the value of high-quality products; therefore, our true craftsmen are determined to equip premium surgical instruments that are safe to use and verified to be more practical for surgeries. Our instruments are surgeon’s hand extensions.

Thus, we guarantee our instruments are efficient, long-lasting, adaptable, and trustworthy.

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