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Alispo International

Traumatology Surgical Instrument Set

Alispo International produces Traumatology Surgical Instrument Sets. These standard sets contain the instruments most generally operated for the designated procedure. More instruments may be needed for your respective use.

Instrument Set Contents

Quantity Name Description Size
1 Box Stainless Steel 42cm x 18cn x 8cm
10 Damp Forceps Backhauss 14cm
4 Rochester Pean Forceps Straight S/G 18cm
1 Farabeuf Retractor Pair 15cm
1 Beckmann Retractor Pair 21cm
2 Levers A Benett Bone ….. 24cm
3 Wolkmann Bone Curettes 17cm x 6cm x 10cm x 14cm
1 Lambotte Rugine ….. 21cm x 10mm
1 Lambotte Rugine ….. 21cm x 15mm
1 Lambotte Rugine ….. 21cm x 25mm
1 Rugine De Merle D’aubine Cbe 23cm x 12mm
1 Hake Mallet 2 Heads/500g …..
3 Farabeuf Chisel ….. 21cm x 10cm x 15cm x 20mm
2 William Gouges ….. 25cm x 5cm x 7mm
1 Gouge De Gauchodx Concave 25cm x 18mm
1 Smith Petersen Gouge Double Joint 24cm
1 Beyer Gouge Pliers Double Articulation 18cm x 3.5mm
1 Straight Liston Cutting Pliers Double Articulation 22cm
2 Verbrugge Gripper Forceps ….. 15cm
2 Forceps Of Verbrugge Gripper Angled 18cm
2 Forceps Of Verbrugge Gripper Angled 24cm
1 Tip Of Ombredanne Square 18cm x 5mm
1 Hook With Bone Of Lambotte 26cm
1 Conductor Of Hammer For Saw Of Gligli (The Dozen) 50cm
1 Handle For Saw Of Gigli The Pair …..
2 Mayo Hegar Needle Holders …..
2 Kocher Ochsner Artery Forceps Straight …..
2 Kocher Ochsner Artery Forceps 1×2 Teeth/Straight …..
2 Artery Forceps 1×2 Teeth/Curved …..
2 Kelly Retractors ….. 27cm
2 Reverdin Needles Slightly Curved 19.5cm
3 Reverdin Needles Curved 19.5cm
1 Towel Forceps Backhaus …..
6 Elevating Forceps Dartigues Uterine …..
1 Rochester Pean Artery Forceps Straight …..
1 Rochester Pean Artery Forceps ….. …..
1 Farabeuf Retractor ….. …..
1 Hartman Retractor Pair …..
1 Adult Gosset Abdominal Retractor Three Blades 160mm
1 Baby Balfour Abdominal Retractor ….. …..
3 Abdominal Retractor O’sullivan-o’Connor …..

Contact our Alispo International sales representative for customizations and pricing of this set.



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