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Humerus Surgical Instrument Set

Alispo International produces Humerus Surgical Instrument Sets. These standard sets contain the instruments most generally operated for the designated procedure. More instruments may be needed for your respective use.

Instrument Set Contents

Quantity Name Description Size
1 Box Stainless Steel 30cm x 20cm x 12cm
2 Kirschner Wire ….. 20/10cm x 20cm
1 Ruler ….. 30cm
1 Redon Alene Ch 9 Curved/Diameter 3mm …..
1 Dissection Forceps S/G Straight 14cm
1 Dissection Forceps S/G Straight 20cm
1  Mayo Scissors Pair Of Curved 16cm
1  Mayo Scissors Pair Of Straight 16cm
1 Metzenbaum Scissors Pair Of Straight 18cm
1 Mayo Needle Holder Straight 18cm
2 Kelly Forceps Straight 14cm
2 Musous Forceps 7mm x 5mm 24cm
4 Leriche Forceps Curved A/G 15cm
4 Leriche Forceps Curved S/G 15cm
2 Kocher Forceps Straight 14cm
6 Forceps Backauss 14cm
8 Forceps Terrjer 12cm
2 Allis Forceps ….. 15cm
1 Bone Hook Lambotte 26cm
1 Forceps Beyer Gouge …..
4 Joints ….. 18cm x 3.5mm
4 Joints Curved 22cm
1 Pliers Stille Cutting …..
2 Forceps Farabeuf 23cm
1 Stille Chisel ….. 21cm x 10mm
1 Stille Chisel ….. 21cm x 15mm
1 Stille Chisel ….. 21cm x 20mm
1 Pear Tree Gouge 16cm x 6mm
1 Spindle Cutting Pliers Universal …..
4 Art Tungsten Lateral Cut …..
1 Pliers Lambotte Roasting 21cm x 10mm
1 Pliers Straight Weatherbeering Roasting 15cm x 8mm
1 Pliers Curved Roasting 15cm x 8 mm
1 Square Tip ….. 18cm x 3mm
1 Deans Mallet 500/Gr …..
1 Bone Curette Head Wolkmann 17cm x  6mm
1 Bone Curette Wolkmann 17cm x  8mm
1 Gillies Hook ….. 18cm
1 Graft Removal Double …..
1 Yankauer Cannulas ….. 27cm
1 Retractor Farabeuf 12cm
2 Retractor Beckmann 30cm
1 Foerster Forceps Straight 24cm
1 Pean Forceps ….. 16cm
1 Cup Diameter 100mm …..

Contact our Alispo International sales representative for customizations and pricing of this set.