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Alispo International

Tissue Dissection Surgical Instrument Set Basic

Alispo International produces Tissue Dissection Surgical Instrument Sets Basic. These standard sets contain the instruments most generally operated for the designated procedure. More instruments may be needed for your respective use.

Instrument Set Contents

1Scalpel Handle#3…..
1Disposable Carbon SteelSurgical Blades #11 / SterileBox of 100
1Disposable Carbon SteelSurgical Blades #15 / SterileBox of 100
1Metzenbaum ScissorCurved4 3/4″
1Iris ScissorStraight Sharp/Sharp4 1/2″
1Iris ScissorCurved Sharp/Sharp3 1/2″
1Ragnell ScissorCurved Flat Tips4 3/4″
1Gradle ScissorSharp Slightly Curved3 3/4″
1Adson Tissue ForcepSerrated Delicate4 3/4″
1Adson Tissue Forcep1×2 Teeth Delicate4 3/4″
1Dressing ForcepDelicate Serrated5 1/2″
1Iris ForcepHalf-Curved 1×2 Teeth4″
1Joseph Skin Hook2 Prong 2mm Sharp6 1/4″
1Joseph Skin Hook2 Prong 5mm Sharp6 1/4″
1Desmarres Lid Retractor…..12mm
1Gillies HookSmall 3mm7″
1Gillies HookLarge 4mm7″
3Halsted Mosquito ForcepsStraight Delicate5″
3Halsted Mosquito ForcepsCurved Delicate5″
1Halsted Mosquito ForcepStraight 1×2 Teeth5″
1Halsey Needle HolderSmooth5″
1Suture Removing ForcepHealy5 1/2″
1Suture ScissorNorthbent4 3/4″

Contact our Alispo International sales representative for customizations and pricing of this set.



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